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22 May 2012

Presagis at ITEC with Several Announcements

Presagis, a leading provider of COTS modeling, simulation, and embedded graphics software, is hitting ITEC with several announcements and contracts in the bag.

Recently, HPC Project (HPC), a developer of solutions and strategies for high performance computing and simulation, has purchased the Presagis pre-integrated suite of software for use in building their reconfigurable gunnery training simulation platform that will be used in both virtual environments and in embedded training.
HPC has purchased a number of Presagis software tools including STAGE, AI.implant, Vega Prime, Terra Vista, Creator, and SIM OneNet.  New products, Presagis Terrain Server and Presagis SEGen Server (SEGen), will also be delivered for use on HPC’s reconfigurable gunnery training simulation platform.

SEGen is a server-based software solution that provides the ability to automatically construct and serve
highly realistic synthetic environments generated from vector and elevation source data at run-time
or offline to disk. Presagis Terrain Server is a high performance software platform providing a full
range of real-time terrain services that can be easily integrated into third-party or in-house simulation environments.
It will enable tanks in the simulation to perform line-of-sight calculations, as well as determine material transitions. 

HPC Project is a leader in providing turnkey simulation solutions for the defense and security industries.  We are proud to have been chosen to help in the development of their reconfigurable gunnery training simulation platform,” said Eric Simon, Vice President of Modeling and Simulation Solutions and Services at Presagis.  “The Presagis software portfolio provides HPC Project with pre-integrated capabilities and an open architecture for the rapid implementation and quick development of their end-to-end simulation application.”


Presagis recently has been contracted by Elbit Systems to build a visual database based on the Common Database (CDB) specification.  The database will be used by Elbit Systems in its mission training center (MTC) for pilots of the Israel Air Force’s (IAF) F-16C/D and F-16I fighter aircraft.

Presagis will be providing Elbit Systems with a visual database based on the CDB specification to support F-16 pilot training in fast jet, low-altitude, and high resolution flight scenarios,” said Guillaume Hervé, President, Presagis.  “The use of Presagis products to create a database based on CDB allows for correlation across applications while enabling the reuse of existing environment databases and models, as well as fast and seamless updates to databases.”

The Elbit MTC display systems' image generator is based on Vega Prime, the Presagis off-the-shelf visualisation software that offers out-of-the-box support for the CDB visual database that will be delivered for use in the pilot training application.


Presagis was formed following CAE's acquisition of  three industry-leading companies: Engenuity Technologies, MultiGen-Paradigm, and TERREX, and launched in August 2007.  By integrating the powerful products created by these companies, Presagis is extending its knowledge base and is bringing innovative and integrated solutions to customers.  Industry leading product brands such as Creator, STAGE, Terra Vista, VAPS and Vega Prime, as well as  industry accepted standards including OpenFlight and TerraPage, are long standing legacies of these companies and form the foundation for the Presagis product portfolio.  
More recently Presagis acquired Seaweed Systems to continue to drive their industry position in the embedded graphics solutions market for mission-critical display applications.  Presagis can now offer market leading human-machine interface (HMI) graphical modeling tools, drivers and devices that produce state-of-the-art graphics and highly optimized code for both PC and embedded systems.  

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