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22 May 2012

ITEC 2012 - Armoured Fighting Vehicles Simulation

AFV Sim is demonstrating its high-fidelity simulated controls that assist individual and crew training for AFVs and remote weapon stations.

The company already has simulated control handles for the following armoured fighting vehicles: LEOPARD 2; M1A1 ABRAMS; M2A2 ODS BRADLEY; CV9040; CV9035DK/NL; CV9030FIN/ULAN/PIZARRO; CVR(T) SCIMITAR; and CHALLENGER 2.

Options are available for desktop or turret versions, with a USB interface or mil-spec multi-pin connectors and various levels of fidelity. The controls are used with computers and simulation software as part- task desktop trainers or integrated into high fidelity simulator systems. Users can develop basic and advanced levels of competence in areas that include target detection, acquisition, identification and engagement.

AFV Sim currently provides this type of AFV simulation training internationally to military and other defence users in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Norway, Germany, UK, Singapore, Portugal, and the Netherlands.


PDM Training and Consultancy looks into the future of AFV training. A number of recent studies include consideration of future training options for the British Army's WARRIOR Capability Sustainment Programme for example.

The objective of the PDM study was to obtain the best value for money whilst harnessing the latest in training technologies. The company also provided the Project Leader for the recently completed UK MOD project to develop a future Ground Based Tactical Trainer for armoured vehicles. With recent experience in test pilot training, PDM can now develop training solutions for air as well as land and maritime.

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