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22 May 2012

QinetiQ at ITEC 2012

QinetiQ is staging a series of presentations to highlight the newest additions to its product portfolio, including the Pre-Deployment Training Situational Awareness Tool (PDTSA), which combines theatre-specific incident data with geographically and operationally realistic virtual terrains to increase soldiers’ awareness of their surroundings and, ultimately, help save lives. Developed by QinetiQ for the UK MOD under an UOR programme, the PDSTA is currently being used by British troops preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.

Among the capabilities being shown at ITEC 2012 by QinetiQ is its IED Situational Awareness Tool (SAT).

In trying to meet the needs of MoD operational requirements, QinetiQ is customising VBS2 for military use and combining it with real-life incident data in a 3D context that is configurable to meet particular user requirements. In this way SAT allows the investigation of an incident through an ever-expanding incident database to see the events in an immersive 3D environment.

The SAT system integrates VBS2 with QinetiQ software (Runtime Control Panel and Mission Builder) to provide an intuitive interface through which to view historical incident data within a geolocated three-dimensional simulation (such as an IED incident). This allows operators to gain pre-deployment awareness of the environment and conditions in which they are about operate.

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