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22 May 2012

ITEC 2012: The Frontline of Military Training and Simulation

Understanding the psychological impact of deployment plays a fundamental part in preparing international Armed Forces for life - both in-theatre and beyond. The implementation of training to support troops as they adapt to their operational circumstances is already seen as essential to a mission’s overall success. As the drawdown of troops progresses over the coming months, however, the techniques used to help ease the post-combat transition of service personnel will prove indispensable.
Military experts from around the world are using ITEC, Europe’s premier conference and exhibition for military training, education and simulation technology and services, to discuss, develop and compare different approaches to this intricate issue – setting a precedent for the future.
ITEC takes place at ExCeL, London 22-24 May 2012, and is Europe’s foremost annual event for the display, demonstration and in depth examination of the latest trends in military training, simulation and education.

Facing a complex myriad of combat-related challenges, the global training community is charged with providing the most cost-effective and time-efficient solutions. Acknowledged as the foremost forum for the debate, display and discussion of military simulation and training (S&T), this year’s ITEC agenda is tailored to offer an expert overview across a wide range of topical issues. The conference features a series of compelling sessions within a strategically themed format, examining every aspect of current and future training and simulation technology.

(Graphic: ITEC)

David Richardson, ITEC Conference Committee Chair said: “Building on the success of last year’s event, the ITEC 2012 conference programme reflects the unique status that the military simulation and training industry holds within the defence sector, the important part it has to play in safeguarding the world against modern challenges and it’s strong position for further growth.”

A broad mix of companies from across the world’s military training and simulation community are showcasing their innovative approaches to the market at this year’s ITEC.
This year’s show welcomes several first time exhibitors, as well as some key players returning after an absence in recent years.
First time exhibitors are not limited to smaller companies using ITEC to emphasise their innovative approach to the market.

(Photo: ITEC)

FreeWave Technologies, for example, is using its first appearance at ITEC to showcase its advanced communications technology. The company’s range of impressive radio systems - currently in operation with a number of governmental organisations such as the US DoD - can be applied to a variety of roles, including: C2 of unmanned vehicles and robotics; biological and chemical sensing; asset tracking; guided parachutes; and soldier training.

Since its establishment in 2004, Amputees in Action has helped many hundreds of soldiers who have lost limbs in the line of duty, back into work. The first agency of its kind, Amputees in Action provides actors for military and emergency services training simulations, as well as specialist action scene extras for the film and television industry. At ITEC, the company demonstrates the authenticity that its actors bring to a casualty training scenario, ensuring that those faced with such situations in reality are better prepared to keep calm and save lives.

Other exhibitors featuring in ITEC’s FTE Zone include: CM Labs; S Oliver Associates; Ferranti Technologies; Nextel from Spain and France’s KTM Advance.

Providing a packed programme of the most recent products, technologies and services for the military training and simulation market, ITEC 2012’s Innovation Showcase includes pioneering presentations from companies such as NADS, Cassidian, Unity Technologies, MILSIM FX and DI Guy, which explained its techniques for optimising human characteristics, appearance and behaviour to achieve the level of realism expected in the next generation of simulation systems.

Anna Campagnoli, ITEC Exhibition Director commented: “We are delighted by the number of new participants who will join us at ITEC this year. It’s a clear indication of the ongoing innovation to provide cost-efficient, highly effective training methods to meet the latest challenges to international defence and security. ITEC is supported by international military, associations such as NATO and SISO, high-calibre speakers and many long-established exhibitors, and the show is seen as a valuable platform across the global MS&T community. Indeed, with the British Army using the show to update the industry on its future training requirement, ITEC is firmly on track to deliver an internationally influential and forward-looking event.”

The Mönch Publishing Group (MPG) is present at ITEC 2012 with a Special S&T Focus in MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, available at the show.
For frequent updates on what is happening, what has been said, and anything seen and heard, please check back.

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