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22 May 2012

projectiondesign: LED Solutions Take Centre-Stage at ITEC 2012

Norway’s projectiondesign returns to ITEC this year on Stand H110.

FS33 IR Makes its Debut
Making its worldwide debut at the show, the FS33 IR is the company’s latest LED-illuminated projector to stimulate Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for simulated night-time vision. Built around the manufacturer’s ReaLED solid-state illumination platform, the FS33 IR adds a fourth LED to the conventional red, green and blue light sources, emitting IR light beyond the range visible to the human eye. This produces brighter NV imagery when stimulated by NVGs and provides a completely constant light output over time, eliminating the need for recalibration, reducing the maintenance and total cost of ownership to an absolute minimum.

The FS33 IR offers a brightness of unprecedented 1200 ANSI lumens, being by far the brightest projector available that’s capable of realistically visualising night-time and limited visibility scenario, visible day-time or pitch black scenarios from one single channel input. The FS33 IR is optimised for NVGs of all generations, including Gen 3 and Gen 4, as well as custom versions using specific IR stimuli.

FS33 IR NVG projector for night vision simulation (Photo: projectiondesign)

FL35 ReaLED Line-Up of LED Projectors
projectiondesign now offer the FL35 ReaLED illumination projectors in three resolution variants (WQXGA, WUXGA and 1080p). The FL35 WQXGA is one of the world’s highest-resolution LED projector and on the projectiondesign stand at ITEC 2012, demonstrated in a breathtaking immersive dome display. Offering 100,000 hours of typical service life and double the brightness of projectiondesign’s previous LED models, the FL35 enables the deployment of higher acuity systems and reduced channel counts, making it an ideal visual platform for multi-channel simulation environments.

FL35 wqxga ReaLED projector (Photo: projectiondesign)

Immersive Displays and Breathtaking Images
projectiondesign is showing their F35 AS3D high-resolution active stereoscopic 3D projector in a maritime S&T scenario. The F35 AS3D projector is integrated with 3D submarine content provided by TechViz and motion capture and systems from Vicon.
Additionally, projectiondesign’s F82 sx+ projectors is integrated to showcase C2 monitoring. SXGA+ resolution users of systems that require 4:3 or closer to 1:1 aspect ratios optimise the usage of pixels. SXGA+ resolution has traditionally been hard to find in three-chip projection. It is particularly useful in S&T to address the burgeoning update market where many manufacturers' legacy projectors require replacement due to age.

ITEC Show Wide Support
As well as taking its own stand, projectiondesign is supporting a number of partners at ITEC, among them Simulation Displays, a division of Paradigm AV Ltd (Stand L100) – all of whom are using the manufacturer’s projectors as part of real-world S&T solutions. projectiondesign also supported the ITEC event with the provision of F12 projectors for the ITEC Keynote Welcome Speech held in the Platinum Suite, and breakout conference tracks in the North Gallery Rooms. All projectors on the projectiondesign booth are displayed using the finest screens from Projecta.

Maria Dahl Aagaard, Product Marketing Manager, projectiondesign, enthuses: “ITEC has always been a great platform from which to launch new initiatives in the military training and simulation space, and we are confident that our solutions will again be well-received by this demanding but receptive audience.
We are looking forward to three days of exacting product demonstrations, productive partner initiatives, and informed conversations with attendees keen to learn more about how projectiondesign’s visual technology know-how can offer them new simulation solutions while simultaneously reducing their operating costs.

(Graphic: projectiondesign)

projectiondesign is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications. Amongst its core markets are high resolution scientific visualisation, visual S&T, medical imaging, broadcast and post production, public media and entertainment. projectiondesign is located in Fredrikstad, Norway, with representatives in more than 20 offices throughout the world, and regional headquarters New York and Beijing.

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