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22 May 2012

Kongsberg Ensuring Maximum Focus on Achieving Training Resuls

Training is the key element in any skill-based job. Educational research concludes that people learn better by experience than through reading or lectures. It is impossible to replace real experience from combat operations with simulated training, but simulators can in a cost effective way increase solider-skills to be mission ready faster.

Training also has an important role in maintaining skills on the achieved level. Another important factor of training is that it allows the soldiers to prepare for scenarios where the automatic reaction is crucial. With the possibility to customise scenarios for specific missions, soldiers can practise on similar situations like the once faced in combat operations.

Kongsberg has been a supplier of simulators and trainers in the international market for the last three decades. The company has accumulated experience across the complete spectrum of training systems, ranging from small simulators to complex military team trainers.

The Kongsberg trainers are based on an in-depth understanding of the learning process. Sophisticated pedagogic methods are used to support the instructors, thus ensuring maximum focus on achieving the training objects.

Kongsberg has a wide range of world class products within naval and land systems: Basic Skills Trainer, Crew Trainer, Tactical Trainer, eLearning/CBT, Scalable classrooms, Stimulated solutions, and Embedded training.
The PROTECTOR Training System, for example, covers every aspect of training for the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station (RWS). That includes the Gunner Skill Trainer, Computer Based Training for Operators and Interactive Maintenance Library, and the Combat Vehicle Training System.
As of August 2009, the PROTECTOR Training System is chosen by 10 of the 16 PROTECTOR RWS customers.

The PROTECTOR Embedded Trainer allows training to take place in the actual vehicle
and with the actual equipment that will be used during combat operations.
Training can be conducted during vehicle down time, allowing soldiers to improve their skills
on the specific equipment they will use in combat. (Photo: Kongsberg)

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