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24 May 2012

ESG at ITEC 2012

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH is presenting its comprehensive solutions for simulation and training for the aviation sector at ITEC.
The focus of ESG's presentation is on Helicopter Pilot Screening System (FPS-H), a notebook based cockpit simulation for the helicopter MK-88 A SEA LINX, an avionics simulation for Tablet PC for device-specific training and a simulation system for aircraft de-icers.

The FPS-H is a simulation system which is used by the German Air Force to evaluate the aptitude of candidates of all branches of German Armed Forces before they are accepted for cost and time intensive helicopter flight training. ESG has developed two helicopter cockpits with projection systems and instructor stations, a debriefing and assessment station, an observation system and an editing station for creating missions and installed them in a new simulator system.

The simulation system for aircraft de-icers is designated to facilitate instruction and training of handling of the vehicle basically and de-icing procedures specifically. The simulation system is independent of season, weather and time. It provides flexible conditions while requiring a minimum of space. Different scenarios with varying complexity can be practiced without any hazard to the de-icer, the airplane and the environment.

Visit ESG at stand F131.

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