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22 May 2012

Immersive Training at ITEC 2012

Either used alone, or combined with live role-playing, immersive training is an effective and efficient supplement to field training for both military and civilian purposes. Based on Bohemia Interactive Simulation’s renowned virtual training environment technology, Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2), Discovery Machine’s VBS2 Behaviour Modeling Console enables users to create authentically intelligent characters pre-programmed to operate within complex social networks and display robust interaction capabilities.

Training troops to understand and respond to the nuances of a foreign language, while maintaining an awareness of cultural considerations, requires not only sophisticated technology but also significant expertise. Employing a combination of learning and social sciences with its patented technology, Alelo is using ITEC to showcase its unique range of realistic, mission-relevant virtual environments in which learners can practice their communication skills. Endorsed by many thousands of military, governmental, and general public users around the world, Alelo’s products, such as the Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer and MyEnglish, provide effective performance-oriented training for intercultural competence and world languages.

(Photo: Alelo)

Additionally, Rocketbox Studios demonstrates its library of highly realistic 3-D animations. Providing many different types of characters, from civilians and medics to Special Forces, the technology offers an essential part of pre-deployment cultural training, helping troops to become familiar with scenarios they will soon encounter.

(Graphic:Rocketbox Studios)

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