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22 May 2012

CAE at ITEC 2012 - From Manned to Unmanned Training

The huge escalation in the use of UAS across a variety and complexity of missions has created a demand for well trained, highly capably UAS pilots and sensor package operators. Training those who will command and conduct these UAS missions is also covered at ITEC 2012.

CAE’s UAS mission training solutions offer commanders, trainers and maintainers the facility to prepare and train for any mission that may be required of them. CAE’s demonstrations at ITEC 2012 include a MALE UAS performing C4ISTAR through a common database (CDB). The scenario includes maritime, ground, and air vehicles, as well as life forms generated with CAE’s high-fidelity simulation software. The company’s advanced instructor operator station (IOS) manages the mission training scenario and serves as the mission brief/debrief station.

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