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22 May 2012

Rheinmetall at ITEC 2012 with New Contracts in Pockets

Rheinmetall has recently been awarded a contract to deliver the LEOPARD Gunnery Skills Trainer (LGST) and Driving Simulators under the Canadian LEOPARD 2 A4 Simulators and Trainers programme. The 11+2 simulators will be delivered to four sites located in Gagetown, Edmonton, Valcartier and Petawawa. Under this contract a combined Gunnery and Combat Training system will be delivered, which combines Rheinmetall’s expertise in LEOPARD 2 with high-end simulation technology and the visualisation capabilities and flexibility from VBS2.

Additionally Rheinmetall has received a contract to deliver two Driving Simulators for the 6x6-Vehicle FUCHS 2 from an unspecified customer. The simulators will be equipped with a 6DOF motion system and high-res display system. Specialised databases to both address the specifics of the training area and the vehicle are included under this contract.

For over 35 years, has been supplying the world’s armies, navies and air forces with simulation and training equipment, while continuously striving for improved performance.

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