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22 May 2012

Explosive Learning Solutions at ITEC 2012

IEDs are by far the most significant cause of casualties in Afghanistan – claiming the lives of over 1,000 troops since international operations began. As statistics show that insurgents are planting more of these lethal devices every year, increasing the capability, efficiency and effectiveness of training for bomb disposal experts will prove essential to beating this brutal threat.

Beyond casualties, the IED campaign also has a major psychological bearing on its victims and has provided the motive behind Rapid Decision Making - a tactical new approach devised and developed by Counter-IED experts Explosive Learning Solutions. This innovative technique trains those that regularly are faced with making critical ‘life or death’ decisions to mentally simulate the scenario they’re in and instantly assess the viability of various actions, selecting the first suitable option that arises. Providing the perfect platform for exploring how this life-saving methodology can be applied across command training, Gary Craggs of Explosive Learning Solutions maintains that “ITEC is the most important military training event in Europe – the main showcase of all the major players, both from military and industry.”

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