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19 March 2015

Elettronica (ELT) - Guaranteeing Reliable, Effective Products and Solutions

Elettronica (ELT), founded in 1951, is one of the European leaders in the production of electronic defence equipment, aka electronic warfare (EW). The experience in the design and production of EW equipment and systems acquired in over 50 years guarantees reliable, effective solutions able to satisfy the changing needs of modern defence. ELT supplies all solutions, systems and products in the EW field: From interception capacity during law enforcement operations to surveillance of risk areas, to the self-protection of platforms in hostile zones, up to monitoring the electro-magnetic scenario.
The company's product line includes any EW aspect: From single stand-alone devices to integrated systems for naval, air and ground applications in service with the Armed Forces of 28 countries on five continents. In detail, ELT is specialised in the design, development and production of EW systems for search, interception, analysis, identification and localisation of electromagnetic emissions (ESM/ELINT); EW counter-measure systems (ECM); Radar Warning Receivers (RWR); integrated EW systems ESM/ECM.

The company boasts successful international collaboration with both platform producers and other sector industries worldwide. Said consolidated collaborations have led to the definition and implementation of important systems like the EW suites for Consortiums and International Programs such as: TYPHOON, HORIZON frigates, NH-90, TORNADO, EH101, AMX, and MIRAGE2000.

EW's main purpose is to anticipate and neutralise threats in continuous technological evolution,” explained Enzo Benigni, President & CEO, Elettronica. “Present operating requirements are the main force behind the search for ongoing, complete innovation that has always been EW's ‘raison d'être.’ In our sector, excellence is an absolute duty not just an extra value! Nothing Happens Without Enthusiasm.”

One of ELT's leading products today is modular ESM equipment (the ALR-733 system family), designed for various classes of aircraft, from Navy helicopters to MPA, AEW&C, AGS and various types of UAV. Such systems have two main functions, simultaneous and totally independent: Fully automatic surveillance of the electromagnetic environment, and detailed analysis of high priority / interest signals, either selected by the operator on the basis of the mission requirements, or automatically designated by the ESM Processor, on the basis of pre-programmed criteria, defined by the user. Thanks to the wide flexibility in data display and exploitation, to the possibility of controlling the system from a remote station and to integrate ESM data with information from other sensors, these systems are an extremely flexible and easily adaptable equipment, suitable for a wide range of platforms and applications.

The stringent weight requirements of several aircraft and helicopters encouraged ELT to develop a miniaturised version of the ALR-733, designated ALR-741. This version retains modularity and most performances of its larger brother, but is definitely lighter and permits an easier installation on tactical aircraft with critical payload limitations. The strong points of this new lightweight product are: Automation, flexibility of operational functions, to respond to mission requirements ranging from Radar Warning to detailed scenario analysis (real time ELINT), total controllability from a remote station and high performance level; a mix of features that many potential users will certainly find attractive.

In RWRs, ELT produced hundreds of units of different models, for installation in tactical aircraft and helicopters for the Italian Armed Forces and of many other countries. The most recent products of this class have been enhanced through integration of an Instantanious Frequency Detector (IFD) and adoption of advanced processing features (such as accurate signal analysis and automatic extraction of radar tracks), for effective operation even in "high density" signal scenarios.

In the situation awareness arena, ELT designs to provide pilots of combat aircraft with a clear and unambiguous description of the electronic scenario, even in the most critical operating environments (with the presence of numerous continuous-wave strong signals, friendly of enemy). The most recent models, now being developed, use a combination of various cooperating receiving channels, working in parallel and synchronised to provide unambiguous real time signal description even in critical situations. The architecture also foresees the use of DRx (digital receiver), now in its current and "simple" form, to be replaced in future by some more sophisticated model, presently under development.

Of course this just scratches the surface of ELT’s capabilities, who also provide excellent products and solutions in the land and naval arena, as well as integrated systems and technical solutions.

A New Journey in the European Market

Recently, a highly competitive market and the foremost need to develop a sustainable product roadmap to meet customer expectations, have prompted Elettronica GmbH (ELT GmbH) to adopt a new industrial plan. The new ELT GmbH will position itself as a value-adding partner to customers and industries’ value chains with a more solid, renewed and richer catalogue. The new ELT GmbH has extended its capabilities and expertise through three new business lines:
  • Line 1 for manufacturing of digital technology, dedicated to antenna technology based on an extensive experience and advanced facilities, such as an anechoic chamber and electro-mechanical integration, providing tailored solutions to the needs of the A&D industry.
  • Line 2 for the installation and integration of sensors based on the long-standing experience acquired in the Homeland Security (HLS) sector. ELT GmbH is now extending its product support capability to ensure both functional and physical integration of complex customer sensors, deployed on board a variety of military platforms.
  • Line 3 for integrated testing, training and analysis, a company development for the validation of EW/radar systems and to train crews and operators, complementing ELT’s portfolio of simulations, testers, and training solutions.

ELT GmbH has started a new journey in the European market,” said Alessandro Ercolani, VP for ELT and CRO for ELT GmbH. “Now we innovatively integrate different capabilities and solutions through a wide range of applications. The products offered by ELT GmbH will support the industrial, defence, and HLS sectors through an operational excellence approach providing a leading edge role in the new global competitive scenario and the new market paradigm.”

The new ELT GmbH claims unique and wide experience and expertise, enabling the company to deal with any future challenge and issue. New capabilities and an innovative plant meet customer needs in terms of real cost/effective procurement, applied to all product phases. Furthermore, a new multi-plant network between Germany and Italy will cope with demanding manufacturing volumes and crisis management issues, ensuring reliable supply schedules. ELT GmbH invests about 10% of its revenues in R&D and seeks a close collaboration with European Universities and research centres in order to pursue new opportunities and sustain future growth. 

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