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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: New Military Grade Panel Mounted LED Lamp

IMCO Industries Ltd. from Israel are presenting a new LED Lamp for military applications. Using medium intensity multichip LEDs, this low power lamp delivers more than 80 lumens of pure white light suitable for any close area illumination purpose. The lamp can be used for numerous applications, for example:

  • License plate illumination
  • Accent light
  • Courtesy / Utility lamp
  • Symbols illumination on military vehicles
  • I/O and Control boxes service illumination
  • Panels illumination and others.

The LED array is powered by an electronic driver to maintain a constant current through the LEDs, not influenced by the vehicle's battery voltage or temperature changes. The housing is made of machined aluminum alloy, while the electronic board is encapsulated in an optically clear resin. The LED array is protected by an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. The Panel Lamp is designed for harsh environment, manufactured at military standards (MIL-STD-1275; IP68) and fits any 24V vehicle electrical system. The LED technology allows a long useful life with less heat dissipation and considerably lower power consumption when compared to equivalent incandescent light sources. • This product is designed to be “Zero EMI”, using linear LED driving methods. It has a weight of 130 gr ±10gr
Andre Forkert

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