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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: Consumer Optics at Analytik Jena AG Launches New Product in the Targeting and Sighting Optics Segment

In its Optics business unit, Analytik Jena AG is bringing a new product in the targeting and sighting optics segment to the market with a limited edition of DOCTER sight reflex sights in various colors. The colors Safety Orange, Flat Dark Earth, Savage Stainless, and Camouflage will be offered as part of the DOCTER sight C family.

Each of the available colors has its own unique function in terms of hunting,” says Reinhard Jacob, General Manager of the Optics business unit at Analytik Jena AG. “Safety Orange is a warning and signal color, Flat Dark Earth, and Camouflage help hunters maintain their cover, and Savage Stainless is the perfect addition to exclusive hunting rifles or handguns.”

Along with the selection of colors, the coating technology is also new, using the ceramic-based material Cerakote. “This technology offers excellent wear resistance, extreme toughness and very good durability. Cerakote has proven to be considerably tougher than Teflon coatings in long-term tests and is preferred by many renowned gun manufacturers around the world,” continues Jacob.

Rounding out the innovative concept of the DOCTER sight C family are the newly developed soft cover accessories. The protective cover with an integrated “air-bag system” made of silicone rubber offers optimal protection and reduces noise when stalking or stand hunting. The DOCTER sight C Edition arrives just in time for the current hunting season and optimally complements the refined DOCTER sight models in terms of both looks and functionality.

In its Optics segment, Analytik Jena develops and produces high-quality optoelectronic consumer products for the global market under the DOCTER brand. These are manufactured at its Eisfeld site in Southern Thuringia. The portfolio of high-performance optics from DOCTER combines traditional products, like binoculars and telescopic sights, with modern optoelectronic devices – like miniaturized sight systems and night vision technology.

The DOCTER sight C Edition is available in four colours (safety orange, flat dark earth, savage stainless), has a 1.07 magnification, a sight window of 21x15 mm, a parallax-free oberservation distance of 40 m and a weight of 25 gr. There are two reticles available: 3.5 MOA (10 cm/100 m) or 7.0 MOA (20 cm/100 m).
Andre Forkert

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