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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: Lamps get more power

Looking at tactical lamps there is surely one trend: more power/lumens. Following this trend, also the Princeton Tec MPLS (Modular Personal Lighting System) lamps will get a much higher output. The MPLS tactical lamps offer up to three small colour LED (e.g. 3x red; red/green/IR; red/blue/IR) and a bright white spot. From April on the models REMIX and REMIX PRO will be equipped with 150 lm and the VIZZ with 205 lm. The REMIX PRO has a weight of 66 gr. incl. the battery CR123, it is waterproof and lights up to 40 hrs. (Low Sport, 5 hrs. on High Spot).

The REMIX uses three AAA-batteries, weights 83 gr. and lights up to 200 hrs. (Low Spot, 61 hrs. on High Spot). Both lamps can be swivelled 185° horizontally.
Andre Forkert

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