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05 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: All Weather UAV World Premier

At this year's Enforce Tac, RotorKonzept Multicopter presents the brand new RKM 8X SURVEILLOR, which is especially designed for realtime surveillance applications.

RotorKonzept Multicopter unveiled their RKM 8x SURVEILLOR at Enforce Tac 2015. 

Providing a flight-time of about 20 minutes, the RKM 8X SURVEILLOR (470mm width) is equipped with a combination of thermal imaging / daylight camera and sends realtime video data down to the ground station. The battery can be changed in under 10 seconds. The system is usable during bad weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall and windspeeds up to 40km/h. Because of its starting weight under 5kg, it can be started at every location if a general start allowance exists. The control can be done by a tablet with waypoints, every waypoint can be preplanned with a certain flight action. As an option obstacle detection (only for hard areas like house, not moving like trees) can be integrated. The RKM 8X SURVEILLOR is engineered and produced by RotorKonzept - Quality made in Germany. All parts can be easily replaced – e.g. if damaged.
Andre Forkert

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