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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: New products by Qioptiq

Qioptiq has a range of new or upgraded products available. The DRAGON-C is part of the soldier system GLADIUS if the Bundeswehr. The new uncolled thermal imager DRAGON-C (16° HFOV, 1x and 2x magnification, weight 390 gr.) has a focus ring and use a new wavelength (17 µm pitch FPA - instead of the former 25 µm). The image intensifier MERLIN C can now be used in a single mode or as a NVG goggle.

Brand new is the DRAGON-H, a thermal uncooled handheld. Also new is GRIFFIN, compact military grade Laser Pointer, Illuminator and Rangefinder produced to complement the Qioptiq family of weapon mounted accessories. It provides a weapon mounted day and night target pointing/aiming, illuminating and range estimating capability. And has a modular design that allows the laser range finder to be removed if only the laser pointing and pllumination capability is required.
Features: visible laser pointer, IR laser pointer, visible illuminator (torch), IR illuminator (torch), laser range finder, adaptable modular design and operation via remote trigger. GRIFFIN has a weight of under 400 gr. and is powered by 2x CR123 for an operation of >8 hrs.
Andre Forkert

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