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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac: Train as you fight – and save time and money

Simulation based training and exercise are well established as a vital part of Military education and training. 3D virtual simulation, such as VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3) by Bohemia Interactive, simulate on the level of the individual soldier or vehicle.

To ensure training success the optimization of the simulation system towards the training target is key. VBS is providing the generic back-bone of the simulation, but needs to be optimized to meet the individual training requirements.

To find the best setup and solution for customer training requirements some key elements must be provided such as 3D terrain databases, 3D models including vehicles and infrastructure and other things more. Continuous training and education of operators and instructors also is required to ensure training efficiency and effectiveness.

3D Terrain Database

eurosimtec is generating 3D terrain databases based on satellite imagery and other geo specific data to be used for example VBS3 simulation systems. In addition geo-typical databases can be offered to meet all possible training requirements.

The finalised 3D database can be added with customer required specific additions, like field camps, buildings and other infrastructure to simulate the future set up of operational area.

Thus it is possible to already view the to be build infrastructure, camps and positions through all available optics and sensores in the simulation of the operational area.

3D Models and Visualisation

eurosimtec is capable of generating and touching high end 3D models and objects due to long experience and expertise. This allows eurosimtec to provide exact and optimized HD-geometry, high end textures for buildings and vehicles as well as complex object animations. eurosimtec also provides IR images and footprints of all required vehicles and objects in addition to the optical footprint. All material effects as well as glance, shadows and different textures are available.
All objects can be animated to show complex 3D and moving parts for example to train technicians or weapon operators of complex systems and objects.


The VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3) architecture allows to add and optimize the simulation engine based on specific customer requirements. eurosimtec provides these additions like Plugins in high quality and designed to meet specific and complex customer needs based on a long lasting experience and expertise.

Development of software interfaces to combine existing virtual simulation with VBS3 as well as hard ware integration into the VBS3 simulation will allow users to upgrade and optimize existing training capabilities with all the capabilities of VBS3. Hardware-in-the-loop solutions, like integration of real autopilots in the simulation, guarantee realistic behaviour of vehicles in the simulation environment.

Training & Support

eurosimtec provides certified training courses for VBS3 and for 3D development from abinitio to professional user classes for system administrators and instructors. Training courses can be provided in a classroom set up, via internet distance-learing solutions and on the customer premises. Focus and content can be defined and designed together with eurosimtec and the customer to achieve individual training gaols and requirements.All students will get awarded, next to a full documentation of the course, a verified certificate.
To support customers during operation, eurosimtec also provides a service and support phone-hotline.

Bundeswehr signs VBS3 agreement

The Bundeswehr lateley increased the investment in using VBS3 licenses as part of an agreement with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) and eurosimtec.

eurosimtec is present at Enforce Tac and will show the capabilities of VBS3.
Andre Forkert

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