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05 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: Undergarments for Special Purposes

ACLIMA from Norway are showing their different underwear series for special purposes.
The X-SAFE soft, antistatic and flame resistant (FR) line is used, e.g. by the German Police-helicopter crews of Baden-Wuertenberg. It is ISO 1149-, EN 61482-, anti-static and FR certified. ACLIMA X-SAFE is developed for the most demanding end use applicvations (race car driver, pilots, SOF or Fire Fighters). The innovative functional garments combines comfort, moisture management (using 75% Lenzing FR fiber, in addition with 15% para-aramid, 10% polyamide), performance and protection. Available are a unisex shirt crew neck, collar shirt, long pants, short pants and a balaklava.

ACLIMA exhibiting their wares at Enforce Tac 2015.

Another product is the SAFE NET. Normally holes in clothing are not a good idea, but here these holes really keep you warm. Also using the Lenzing FR fiver, body cooling is supports, resulting in highest physiological performance. Aclima SAFE Net is lightweight, soft, breathable, flexible and durable. It can be combined with X-SAFE. Available are a unisex shirt crew neck and long pants.

Andre Forkert

Rascher GmbH & Co. KG originally is a long known partner in the hunting community. Now they adapted their quality products for the military and law enforcement market. Rascher offers functional Unisex-Underwear. The body temperature will be constantly regulated by the special production technique. Any moisture is quickly absorbed from the inner side and kept away from the body. The body remains dry and prevents a cool down even during rest periods. The application of the hightech yarn out of Bioceramic ensures a perfect heat insulation even in extreme weather and temperatures. The underwear is tested up to -40°C.

Rascher exhibiting functional unisex-undergarments at Enforce Tac 2015. 

At display is an overall for extreme low temperatures (-40°C), using 100% polyester Wind Pro from Polartec on the outside and a 65% cotton, 35% polyester Insulation with Thinsulate CS 250 on the inside. As on option adding to the overall there are shoes with the same features available. Perfect for long surveillance operations in extreme cold environment – if you don´t have to move.

A premier is the “carbon underwear”. The material consists of 52% Skinlife for comfortable wearing, 21% Bioceramic (regulating the body temperature), 15% polypropylene (moisture mangemant), 6% carbon (antibacterial, absorbing the body odour) and 6% elastane for a wearing comfort. Available are a long sleeve shirt, long underpants and knee-length socks. As an addition there is a anatomically cut hood. The mouth and ears part is laser cut (with small holes) for a better and easier hearing and so the breathing air can exit directly to the front and don’t steam (ballistic) eyeglasses.

Andre Forkert

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