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05 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: MULTIROTOR G4 RECON ONE UAV Unveilled

At this year's Enforce Tac 2015, service-drone GmbH presents a fully scalable surveillance-all-in-one-solution that includes flight planning, multi-camera-option, very easy handling and on request with encoded video downlink.

The newest addition to service-drone's MULTIROTOR product family: RECON ONE

The newest addition to the MULTIROTOR product family is called RECON ONE and is the result of a consequent development, many years of drone construction experience and typical customer needs concerning a Suveillance-UAV.

The focus is on the enormous flight time of up to 90 minutes depending on the loading and use concept. This is possible through latest drive dimensioning. Unusual is the outstanding flight stability of the MULTIROTOR Recon One, which you did not know from comparable products with slow turning rotors. Decisive is the innovative and prizewinning MULTIROTOR Flight-Control of the 4th generation, which corrects the flight position 512 times per second. Thereby missions are also possible with bad weather conditions. The handling is very easy and safe.

As camera sensors RGB-Zoom cameras and infrared or thermal image detectors are provided. Optional useful extras like encoded video downlink, hardcase, LIDAR precision-landing as well as a stationary landing station for the autonomous flight are available. The system is fully scalable and therefor the ideal basis for demanding UAV-applications.

Technical range is 1,000 meters min. and the autopilot has 250m flight radius with position hold, coming home and automatic treble control, dimensions: Ø 127x127cm, H 33cm with a max. take-off weight of 9.5kg.
Andre Forkert

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