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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: Diehl’s New Ammunition Family doubles range of 40mm Grenade Weapons

Diehl´s standard infantry ammunition LV (Low Velocity) 40mmx46 (DM101A2), operative in the Bundeswehr and different NATO and international Armed Forces, has proved its worth with various weapons, such as G 36 assault rifle, the HK 69A1 grenade pistol or the M16 US grenade rifle. Nonetheless, ammunition requirements have changed due to the combat experience gained in international hotspots, e.g., the ammunition´s range was increased significantly to a combat distance of approximately 800 metres.

The new LV-NG Infantry Ammunition Family comprises all relevant ammunition types such as HE-DP, HE Pre-form Fragment (HE-PFF), Target Practice (TP), and TP with Marker. (Photo: Diehl)

Heeding user requirements, Diehl BGT Defence, from 2011 to 2013, developed the successor generation of the LV ammunition, the LV Next Generation (LVNG) ammunition family. It can be employed by LV weapon systems.

Company qualification of the new Diehl High Explosive (HE) Dual Purpose LV-NG 40mmx46 cartridge was successfully completed with the Heckler & Koch G 36/A 36 weapons at the end of 2013. Simultaneously the new ammunition was tested for weapons of additional manufacturers such as Rippel, Colt, and Steyr. Moreover, qualification of the 40mm x51 ammunition type for the Ripple-XRGL launcher (5kg) including the weapon compatibility study was successfully completed. The next step envisages testing and qualification of the ammunition for additional in-service LV grenade launchers.  

Diehl´s new 40mm LV-NG ammunition meets the criteria of Insensitive ammunition according to STANAG and is REACh conform.  The Diehl cartridge LV-NG HE-DP (Dual Purpose) projectile for fragmentation and penetration of steel armour allows engagement of lightly armoured vehicles at a distance of up to 800m as well. The new Diehl cartridge contributes to closing an infantry capability gap. With regard to fuzes, Diehl relies on the proven products of JUNGHANS microtec. The ammunition is equipped with the point detonating impact fuze AZ-Z DM451, which has also been employed successfully for many years in the Diehl cartridge 40mm x53 (DM42) operative in the inventories of numerous NATO countries. The integrated pyrotechnical self-destruct device ensures that no dangerous duds remain on the battlefield after cessation of hostilities.    

According to the company, Diehl´s new infantry ammunition family marks a generation leap in ammunition technology providing combat forces enhanced protection and impact with in-service weapon systems. 

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