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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: New products by Armadillo Merino

Armadillo Merion produce next-to-skin protection clothing for risk takers (Military, Security, Police, Fire Fighters, etc.). There are new products available:

The COBRA shirt of the “elite series” is now available in a pure white (for the use in arctic regions) and with a fabric weight of 190 gsm2 (normal COBRA 140 gms2). There is a short and long sleeve version.

Also for cold areas are the new lightweight arm warmers with 160 gsm2.

Very light is also the new Baklava for the use in desert/summer applications. It can be used under the helmet, protect against the sun (thermal), flame resistant (600° C/3 sec.), anti-static and UV.
Merino wool naturally offer thermos regulation, stamina and a moisture management. The Armadillo Merion garments resist the build up of odour so they can be worn longer without getting smelly. Merion is self cleaning in water, so there is no need for high temperatures or special detergents during washing, it is machine washable – simply at 40° C.
Andre Forkert

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