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04 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: MOHAC Action Camera for SOF

MOHAC is the first camera especially developed for the needs of Special Operation Forces (SOF), other sport or action cameras aren’t designed for military operations. Their large size and awkward shape hinder movement and create dangerous snag hazards, they fail under the rigors of combat, and their difficult to operate e.g. with gloves. MOHAC from RAPID is the first military-optimized helmet camera. It delivers the smallest, lightest, simplest and toughest ruggedizes camera solution available. The camera (F2.8°, 140° >Field of View, CMOS sensor) is in their final phase and series production will be by May. With its curved profile it matches the shape of the helmets and creates the closest possible fit. It is IP68 (waterproof 10 m) ruggedized and controlled by a single button (Off, Photo or video with internal microphone). MOHAC offers up to 1080p HD video or 12 MP photo quality and can be remote controlled. Even an App is available for the control via cell phone. Vibrations as a tactical feedback allow the control even in absolute darkness. Two batteries (CR123) or the MOHOC Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack (included) and a (secure) 64 GB card allow the use for up to three+ hours.

It should be ready for fielding in May and is showing some new features at IDEX: WiFi and Bluetooth for live transmission as well as an IR-Model.

Technical data: Video with 1080p at 60/30 FPS Full HD or 720p at 120/60/30 FPS, 12 MP Photos (manual, burst or time lapse with 30/5/1 sec..

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