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05 March 2015

Enforce Tac 2015: Seen and Heard on Day One by Andre Forkert

At Tnforce Tac 2015, Germany based Aurum Security is showing its Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM VR10 – the best protected (and certified) civil vehicle in the world. Only 3% of the protected vehicles worldwide are certified – you shouldn’t trust the rest, when your life is at stake. Aurum Security promises the same level of protection as an military vehicle. So there is no need to choose between security and inconspicuous look and comfort. Most civil vehicle (of the 3%) offer the security level B6, B6/VR7 or B7/VR9 – according to VPAM BRV against threats like small arms fire and bombs/IED/Mines. VR10 can also withstand armour piercing (AP) rounds from a sniper rifle (B6/7 not), or an IED (15 kg TNT) at 2 m (instead of 4 m) or an 6 kg TNT Mine right under the wheel. The Aurum Security Land Cruiser 200 VPAM VR10 offer a payload of 1,000 kg.


At Enforce Tac 2015,  Switzerland B&T is unveiling three new products:

  • TP380 – is it a pistol or already a machine pistol? Incredibly compact, handy and innovative, that is the TP380 – the little brother of the MP9. It is the only .380 caliber pistol to accept a 15-round or 30-roung magazine. The folding stock will transform it into a very small carabine. It comes with integrated Ghost Ring sights, NAR for an Aimpoint and a light. The low recoil impuls .380 cartridge makes it a pleasant weapon.
  • The TP380 has a weight of 0,95 kg and a length of 25.1 cm (stock folded, otherwise 45.1 cm – barrel length 12.8 cm), is semi-automatic and available from June on.
  • As a low cost MP B&T is offering the new P26 9x19 mm with a weight of 2.3 kg and a barrel length of 17.5 cm. B&T will also offer that weapon for sport shooters.
  • As a collection weapon with only limited 220 pieces available B&T is presenting it new KH9 9x19 mm with a weight of 2.45 kg and a barrel length of 15.3 cm.


Austrian based VOERE Pr├Ązisionstechnik GmbH is presenting its precision rifle X3 with an innovative vibration-free laser ignition – instead of the firing pin. At the moment this technology is in final testing and should be available in two month. VOERE promises that this technology is safe, works with speed of light, is ecofriendly and vibration free. That means the a better hit percentage because of the vibration free technology, no need for chemical fuses, no mechanic that can break or malfunction and it can also be used as a child safety lock. Only the traditional mechanical breech has to be replaced.
Andre Forkert

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