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26 November 2015

Esterline Simulation Visual Systems To Upgrade FMS For TIGER Helicopter

Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, a new business of Esterline Corporation, has been awarded a contract to upgrade four full-flight mission simulators for the TIGER helicopter. Esterline Simulation Visual Systems will supply three of its TREALITY flight mission simulators to the EFA joint training centre in Le Luc, France where French and German TIGER pilots undergo training. The fourth TREALITY mission simulator is destined for one of the operational regiments located in Fritzlar, Germany.

Each TREALITY full-flight mission simulator consists of two separate nine-channel motion-based spheres, operating in parallel, one of which is for the pilot and the other is for the gunner. Esterline Simulation Visual Systems is responsible for the design, installation, alignment, acceptance testing and maintenance of the visual display system.

The first retrofit began in mid-November 2015; the other three retrofits are planned for April, June and July 2016.

The selection of our TREALITY full-flight mission simulators for the TIGER helicopter is further evidence of Esterline Simulation Visual Systems’ reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction,” Frank Timmermans, vice president, Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, said.

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