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26 November 2015

Saab Awards GRIPEN Payload Mounting Contract to RUAG

Saab has awarded RUAG the contract for the series production of payload mountings for the GRIPEN E/F fighter aircraft to Sweden and Brazil. The contract is worth more than CHF80 million in total. This further strengthens the solid industrial partnership between both companies and secures their long-term collaboration.

Payload mountings carry additional fuel tanks, reconnaissance systems or guided missiles and are complex technological components that contain both electronic and mechanical systems. They must meet the highest standards in terms of aerodynamics and resilience.

As the contracts were signed, earlier today, Lennart Sindahl, Deputy CEO at Saab, stated: "GRIPEN’s success is built on partnership with world class companies as our single source suppliers on the global market. Following the design phase it is obvious that RUAG is the right partner for this product. Therefore we are very happy to establish this broad and long-term relationship making RUAG a major supplier in the GRIPEN programme, initially for the Swedish and Brazilian Air Forces. At the same time, it is a clear signal that Switzerland will be a key market for Saab also in the future."

"This contract represents a seal of approval for RUAG's Aerostructures division in Emmen. The expansion of our solid, long-term partnership with Saab is also a  positive indication for the future for all our employees, for the site, and for Switzerland as a location for industry," Urs Breitmeier, CEO of the RUAG Group, added.

The payload mountings contract involves 33 prototypes and 546 series parts. Up to eight mountings can be attached to each GRIPEN. The first prototypes are scheduled for delivery at the end of 2016, with series production expected to last until 2026. RUAG will call on suppliers from various regions of Switzerland to help fill this order.

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