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27 November 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Fujitsu Fabric - An Ideal Platform to Support Early Entry Operations

Training can no longer be viewed as an add-on or an afterthought. It is an integral part of defence capability: A means not just of improving technical skills and readiness, but fostering collaboration, enabling coalitions and promoting common capabilities. Training offers the simplest and most efficient way of integrating new teams into the existing community. And of course excellence in training contributes directly to success in the field.Today’s simulation technology provides increasingly realistic and effective means of training individuals and teams, enhancing the readiness of armed forces and reducing operational risk. But greater dependence on traditional thick-client IT for training has a downside: Complex costs, which can be hard to predict, lack of flexibility, reliance on specialist support skills, and issues with application interoperability and multi-site operations.

In a stable or slow-moving world, these challenges might be met with long-range infrastructure planning and a divide-and-conquer approach. However, the sophisticated and fast-moving defence environment no longer has the luxury of long planning horizons or guaranteed certainties around the types of IT capabilities it will need at any one time or place. Here, the business buzzword ‘agility’ has real weight.The complexity and velocity of modern defence operations also mean room for error or delay is becoming a thing of the past. The technologies we use to provide training have to be utterly reliable and always available. But there is also a need to contain costs and show value for money. Governments have a low tolerance for waste and a suspicion that any non-standard solution is a result of gold-plating when boilerplate would do just as well.

With NVIDIA 3D graphics as a standard, Fujitsu Fabric enables users to access multimedia rich applications to deliver real-life simulation activities, wherever they are, whenever they want. This reduces the reliance on dedicated, ultra-expensive simulation machines, and eliminates the time and expense of users needing to travel to use such facilities.

Unlike many other cloud-based workplace solutions Fujitsu Fabric has been designed and built with security at its heart. Throughout the design phase, Fujitsu has consulted extensively with CESG, the Information Security arm of GCHQ, and a voice on the technical aspects of information security in government. The result is that Fabric has full cybersecurity capabilities built in to its core, making it an ideal ‘virtual classroom’ solution for the defence and national security sectors.

Fabric is a highly resilient and secure private cloud based solution capable of delivering a fully flexible training and simulation environment. It delivers a Force Multiplier by significantly increasing the effectiveness of your training and simulation provision, whilst at the same time reducing your expensive hardware costs. The latest apps and training software can be delivered with complete security, to allow users to access and share information with ease, across any device. Important operational demands can be met in a controlled manner with very short notice, which is crucial for the constantly changing environment of Defence and National Security.

Fujitsu Fabric enables the delivery of a fully flexible training and simulation environment giving people instant, secure access to the training and simulation resources they need, when and where they need them. The need to use expensive thick client devices used in the traditional classroom is removed and replaced by an agile, thin client approach that enables the seamless access and sharing of information across any device. Effectively creating a virtual classroom, Fabric significantly increases the effectiveness of training and simulation provision, while reducing expensive hardware costs. Fujitsu Fabric gives a force's early entry operations instant, secure access to the mission-critical applications and resources they need, when and where they need them. With an emphasis on reducing size, weight and power, Fabric utilises cloud technology to give deployed personnel instant access to the information and intelligence they require from any device, without compromising the integrity and security of an organisation’s existing infrastructure. As such, Fujitsu
Fabric is an ideal platform to support early entry operations, where speed, mobility and agility are of the essence as the situation faced by personnel on the ground can change in a heartbeat. By enabling this secure access to vital information Fabric can enable personnel to do their role more effectively.

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