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27 November 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: DynaSim – A Mobile Training System Easy to Transport for Flexible Scenarios

A simulation based training for the operation of heavy handheld weapons systems has proven as very successful in the past in the armed forces. However, this was possible only at stationary simulation and training installations – soldiers travel to the training center for firing trainings. To gain flexibility in training Dynamit Nobel Defence has developed the very compact "Mobile Training Systems" (MTS ) named DynaSim, which is highly mobile and easy to install on site.

By means of DynaSim soldiers are trained quickly, efficienty and in cost effective manner in different handheld weapon systems. New in this computer-based system of DND is the high and unrestricted mobility as well as the open system architecture into which all common hand weapon systems can be integrated. Beside other features, in DynaSim the weather conditions, geographical conditions, combat vehicles of all kinds or building structures can be precisely defined by the instructor. Different military scenarios can be realized fast and easy in the simulation code, such as variable levels of difficulty and realism. DynaSim allows a targeted and effective shooting training as it is required today in the modern armed forces. With DynaSim up to four soldiers can be trained simultaneously and their own shooting behavior can be analysed in detailed evaluation records.

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