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27 November 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Rheinmetall B212 Full Flight Simulator for Royal Thai Army, Army Aviation

Rheinmetall Group (showcasing its expertise on booth 2601) has recently supplied the Royal Thai Army, Army Aviation with a Bell 212 full flight simulator. The outcome of close cooperation throughout the project, the ready-for-training milestone of the Bell 212 full flight simulator was successfully reached on 4 September 2015 at the Royal Thai Army’s aviation base in Lopburi, Thailand.

Completion of this milestone and entry of the simulator into service took place following a successful on-site acceptance of the device conducted by the Royal Thai Army and the Simulation & Training business unit of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics.

Following the ready for-training date, Royal Thai Army personnel underwent a planned period of instructor operating training and maintenance training. This was conducted and supported by specialists from Rheinmetall to ensure maximum transfer of information and knowledge for future operation and support of the device.

The simulator lets Royal Thai Army pilots engage in simulated flight training in day and night operations under different meteorological conditions. Training tasks include normal and abnormal procedures, malfunctions and emergency procedures, instrument landing system (ILS) training, instrument flight rules (IFR) training and Bambi bucket/hoist training with external loads. It also supports joint network and NVG training.

Featuring a level D-capable electrical motion system with six degrees of freedom, the simulator is based on Rheinmetall’s ValAero framework and DISI Xtreme visual system.

Simulation and training have been an integral part of Rheinmetall’s business for more than 40 years,” Ulrich Sasse, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, President, Simulation and Training Division, said to MT. “During this long period the Group has never stopped innovating, enabling it to meet ever-more demanding customer requirements while simultaneously embracing the latest technology. This culture of innovation has made Rheinmetall one of the world’s leading suppliers of military simulation and training solutions.”

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #12/2015, available at I/ITSEC on booth #453; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

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