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27 November 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Esterline Simulation Visual Systems Launches The New Treality FD-Series Of Faceted Displays

Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, a new business of Esterline Corporation, is marketing its new TREALITY FD-Series of faceted displays.

The TREALITY FD-Series is a family of compact rear projection visual systems with full 360° immersion. The FD-Series of faceted displays can be equipped with up to 25 high-contrast facet screens which have been designed to eliminate spurious reflections inside the visual system. This enhances the color saturation and realism for day scenes and is effective for very dark night scenes. With a system contrast of up to 50:1 and a system brightness of 10 fL., the system lay-out has a reduced footprint and fits in rooms that are as low as 15 ft. in height.

Frank Timmermans, vice president, Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, said:  “The commercial launch of the innovative TREALITY FD-Series of faceted displays is further evidence of Esterline Simulation Visual Systems’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.”

Peter De Meerleer, director strategic marketing and R&D, Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, said: “The high brightness and excellent system contrast of our FD-Series faceted displays provide very realistic, colorful day scenes and high-quality night scenes. The FD-Series technology is tailored to a variety of projector types that can meet the needs of any demanding training and simulation programme.”

Esterline Simulation Visual Systems announced the launch of its new TREALITY brand of products at ITEC 2015. Formerly the Training & Simulation products business of Belgium-based Barco, which Esterline acquired earlier this year, the new TREALITY product brand is synonymous with the design, development, manufacture and world-wide support of market leading, high-performance visual systems for military and commercial flight simulation and training.

TREALITY products include some of the world’s highest contrast and resolution, 360-degree rear projection displays, a variety of large field of view collimated displays, and one of the first deployable displays with a roll-up, seamless spherical screen. TREALITY Simulation Visual Systems are used in flight, maritime, air traffic control, driving, ground warfare and firearms simulators as well as a variety of simulation visualization applications. TREALITY displays are renowned for their image clarity of daytime scenes and high-quality, night-time and stimulated NVG scenes. User-friendly projector control and alignment systems make the display operation simple and easy. TREALITY Simulation Visual Systems are supported by a full complement of services, including: design project management, installation, integration and maintenance on a world-wide basis.

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