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27 November 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Rockwell Collins Taking on Military’s Toughest Simulation and Training Challenges

At I/ITSEC 2015, Rockwell Collins is demonstrating how the company is taking on the military’s toughest simulation and training challenges with some of the world’s most advanced technology.

Three new products aimed at providing the most realistic military simulation and training will be introduced at I/ITSEC 2015: Rockwell Collins will unveil its WholeEarth synthetic environment – according to the company, the highest resolution complete earth database in the industry, enabling simulated flight anywhere in the world. The unveiling takes place at 1500h on Tuesday, 1 December 2015, in the Rockwell Collins booth 2201.

The company will also feature its EP-8100 image generator with great realism and performance while preserving customer investment. Rockwell Collins will also introduce its virtual reality-based distance learning with 100% immersive training that provides the most realistic experience, anywhere, without the costs of travel or physical assets.

In addition, Rockwell Collins is a platinum sponsor participating in I/ITSEC's Live Virtual Constructive "Operation Blended Warrior" networked training exercise coordinated with participants on the show floor.

Rockwell Collins will also be featuring the following:
  • EP-80 visual system - high performance, flexibility and affordability in a PC IG
  • ProSim ultra contrast projector – with dark blacks and simultaneous full-bright light points
  • Joint Secure Air Combat Training System (JSAS) LVC-enabled, open, interoperable, secure solutions - mature, available, certified
  • RealFires transportable trainer - mobile targeting training
  • Radar simulation - realistic sensor training, lower cost of ownership
  • Helmet-mounted displays – wearable high fidelity devices for head-up immersive training
  • CORE simulation architecture – customisable open architecture lowers risk and enhances training.

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