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26 November 2015

Unmanned Systems – Training Experimentation and Simulation (US-TES) Laboratory

From Monday, 30 November 2015, the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) is showcasing some of the latest military training technologies at I/ITSEC 2015.

Many of the state of the art training systems on display during the four day conference are projects of NAWCTSD, headquartered in Orlando's Central Florida Research Park, located adjacent to the University of Central Florida. NAWCTSD is the Navy's principal centre for modelling, simulation, and training systems technologies. The centre develops training systems for all of the Navy's warfare areas. NAWCTSD employs about one thousand Central Florida engineers, scientists, and support personnel, and awards more than $1 billion in contracts to private industry each year.

The US-TES lab provides government, industry, and research personnel hands-on access to emerging Unmanned Systems technology in an inter-operable environment. Many engineers, researchers, and test teams with a focus on training require access to emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies to complete their work but gathering and/or installing necessary equipment can prove costly and create scheduling constraints. The US-TES lab can provide cleared users access to emerging UAV technologies without having to manage, install, or purchase specialised equipment. Teams can remain focused on the details of their singular project versus spending time, effort, and money on common infrastructure.

The US-TES lab provides crew workstations along with powerful reconfigurable hardware in a centralised server environment. Each workstation can be reconfigured as an Instructor Operator Station (IOS), Crew Station, Debrief and/or Specialised Station and can have their video/audio/chat repeated on any or all other stations. Software is pushed via virtual machines to each of the local desktops and can consist of both operational and developmental packages.

Toolsets Provided:
-Centralised Computing Environment (Secure and Non Secure)
-Twelve R7910 rack mounted workstations (2133MHz, 64GB)
-Image Generation (8 Channels) EO/IR Sensor Capabilities; CONUS, ASIA, Africa terrains
-Terrain Server
-Distributed Comms. Server

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #12/2015, available at I/ITSEC 2015 on booth #453; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

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