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22 May 2015

Armour Kits for V-22 OSPREY

Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) issued a Combat Mission Need Statement in March 2014 to develop new armor plates to protect the V-22 OSPREY's passengers. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)  worked with a Florida-based composite armour company and the Army Aviation Development Directorate to develop an armour solution in only 179 days, beginning deliveries in October 2014. The Advanced Ballistic Stopping System kit consists of 66 plates sized to fit along the OSPREY's interior bulkheads and deck. The whole kit adds 800lbs (360kg) of weight to the aircraft, affecting payload and unrefueled range, so it can be installed or removed when needed in hours and partially assembled in pieces to only protect certain parts. Each full kit costs $270,000. As of May 2015, 16 kits had been delivered to the US Air Force, and procurement is available for Marine Corps MV-22s if they choose.

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