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06 May 2015

IDEF 2015: Exelis Demonstrates Proven Solutions

Exelis showcases a range of electronic warfare, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and analytics, as well as carriage and release, technologies in hall 2, booth 222A, to demonstrate the company’s proven solutions in the areas of electromagnetic spectrum dominance, persistent surveillance and high-performance payload release technology.

International partners recognise Exelis for our combination of innovation and proven technology,” said Chris Tucker, Exelis vice president of international business development.Our solutions provide cutting-edge situational awareness and protection, enabling mission success for our customers and strengthening joint international capabilities.”

The Exelis solutions showcased at IDEF 2015 include:

  • The ALQ-211 Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS), which provides advanced radar warning and radio frequency countermeasures for F-16s to defeat sophisticated electronic threats. AIDEWS is available in podded and internally mounted configurations and is the only electronic countermeasure pod in production certified by the US Air Force for an unrestricted flight envelope on the F-16. Exelis is currently under contract to supply AIDEWS pods to the Turkish Air Force.
  • The CorvusEye 1500 wide-area airborne surveillance system, which complements traditional video surveillance systems by providing high-resolution, visible color and infrared motion imagery over a city-sized area. CorvusEye tracks movement that may be connected to potentially hazardous or illicit activity and provides real-time processing. The system can generate up to 10 high-resolution views of different areas of interest simultaneously and is exportable to many military, intelligence and security agencies around the world.
  • The BRU-57 smart twin store carrier, which effectively doubles the payload carriage capability of tactical strike aircraft such as the F-16. The BRU-57 achieves this with minimal impact to the aircraft’s operational flight program and no modification to aircraft hardware.
  • The Lightweight Twin Store Carrier (LTSC), which employs clean, lightweight pneumatic power to help unmanned aircraft safely carry release their mission payloads. The LTSC combines two Exelis BRU-71/A racks, the same system Exelis supplies for the MQ-9 REAPER.

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