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06 May 2015

IDEF 2015: Aselsan Debuts TORK Technology

Aselsan has debuted the Defense Torpedo Against Torpedoes (TORK) technology at IDEF 2015. Thanks to TORK, which has been developed in Turkey and has original hardware and software, ships will navigate the seas more safely, according to Aselsan. As an effective defence against a torpedo threat faced by submarines and surface vessels TORK provides the joint use of Soft-Kill (Physical Destruction) and Hard-Kill (Functional Destruction) methods. TORK has the capability to destruct acoustic-guided, wire-guided, unguided and slipstream-guided torpedoes that are aimed at surface vessels. TORK counters torpedo threats that are approaching platforms by measuring distance and direction. When it reaches the destruction destination, it deactivates the threat through detonation.

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