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04 May 2015

AUVSI 2015: Insitu's Significant Technological Milestones

Insitu acquired 2d3 Sensing on 9 April 2015 in an effort to further expand the company's core business opportunities and explore new business and market options. Prior to the acquisition, 2d3 was a trusted partner of Insitu for more than six years; the company will now provide its innovative software solutions for processing, exploiting, and disseminating tactical data under the Insitu name.

Insitu President and CEO Ryan Hartman explained the development of the Insitu's next generation propulsion system for the ScanEagle UAS platform. The next generation propulsion system was designed and developed by Orbital Corporation of Perth, Australia, in collaboration with Insitu, as the first reciprocating internal combustion propulsion system to be engineered from the ground up for unmanned aerospace application. In April, the new engine achieved a significant technological milestone through its first successful flight.

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