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05 May 2015

AUVSI 2015: L-3 Unmanned Systems' Capabilities

L-3 Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ systems integration experience and unique engineering, manufacturing, depot maintenance, and flight operations capability provides full-service support for the company’s UAS products and operations within the continental US and deployment overseas.  With decades of UAS technical knowledge in all aspects of the unmanned system solutions, L-3 brings engineering, manufacturing, and flight operations expertise to the soldier to ensure the mission is accomplished.

L-3 Unmanned Systems employs a full systems integration engineering capability to solve the most demanding UAS requirements in today’s Aerospace community. These areas of expertise drove the development and production of the company’s initial air- and ground-launched Group 2 and Group 3 UAS.

L-3’s manufacturing capability supports the full range of systems integration, including rapid and efficient prototype design and development, test and modification, and subsequent low-rate and full-rate production. L-3’s manufacturing capabilities afford unmanned systems the ability to efficiently design and prototype advanced concepts, and transition the most compelling UAS capability to production.

Flight Operations expertise is a critical capability which L-3 Unmanned Systems maintains and exercises on most demanding programmes. L-3’s Flight Operations Team is experienced in small and mid-endurance UAS, and is an essential element within the company’s prototype and development testing, universal payload integration, and customer VIKING 300 and VIKING 400 Group 3 UAS training programmes. L-3 Unmanned Systems harnesses two decades of practical UAS experience and over 60 combined years of senior leadership experience to ensure their customer’s requirements are fulfilled with high-quality solutions in the most efficient manner possible.

VideoScout is a family of interoperable video exploitation and management systems to capture video and telemetry from a wide variety of UAVs, receivers, sensors and INTEL network feeds. Once received, VideoScout allows users to create derivative video files and still images, and annotate, geo-reference, store and share the resulting intelligent video with others across the battlespace.

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