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20 May 2015

SOFIC 2015: Products and solutions at display

Over 340 companies are presenting their solutions and products at this year’s SOFIC. Here is just an extract:

Boeing has solutions for Rapid ISR Sensor Exploitation (RISE), Signal Intelligence Solutions, Tactical Compact Relay (TCAR), UAVs (Schiebel S-100, INTEGRATOR and some more), the Small Diamter Bomb and the 4x4 Phantom BADGER (for internal V-22 transportation) on display.

Sikorsky is showing a mock-up of the S-97 RAIDER. This one should fly twice as fast as a normal helicopter, with a low acoustic signature, exceptional hover capabilities and agility for close air support (CAS). It offers seats for six soldiers and can be refueled in the air, max. gross weight is 11,400lbs with a flight time of >2.7 hrs. (range up to 600 km) and a cruise speed of >200 kts.

As payloads HELLFIRE missiles, 2.75’’ rockets, .50 cal gun and 7.62 mm gun are plannes.

RAIDER just completed ground testing and the first flight is expected in two to four weeks.

At last year’s SOFIC MOHAC was shown for the first time. MOHAC is the first camera especially developed for the needs of Special Operation Forces (SOF), other sport or action cameras aren’t designed for military operations. Their large size and awkward shape hinder movement and create dangerous snag hazards, they fail under the rigors of combat, and their difficult to operate e.g. with gloves. MOHAC from RAPID is the first military-optimized helmet camera. It delivers the smallest, lightest, simplest and toughest ruggedizes camera solution available. The camera (F2.8°, 140° >Field of View, CMOS sensor) is in their final phase and series production will be by May. With its curved profile it matches the shape of the helmets and creates the closest possible fit. It is IP68 (waterproof 10 m) ruggedized and controlled by a single button (Off, Photo or video with internal microphone). MOHAC offers up to 1080p HD video or 12 MP photo quality and can be remote controlled. Even an App is available for the control via cell phone. Vibrations as a tactical feedback allow the control even in absolute darkness. Two batteries (CR123) or the MOHOC Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack (included) and a (secure) 64 GB card allow the use for up to three+ hours.

Now MOHAC is just one month short of series production. Allready 2/3 of the first production rate is sold. Latest upgrades were on the WiFi and Bluetooth for live transmission as well as the development of an IR-Model. New are also are some accessories like a K9 mount for dogs (carried on the head) or a flat mount for a tripod.

With one small hand-sized device called HEATS, General Atomics is developing a new way to protect combat swimmers. HEATS (High Energy Aluminum Thermal Source device provides divers with an unexpected long-lasting localized heat source. So frogman can extend their range. It was designed to operate independently from undersea vehicles. The HEATS packs activate simply by opening the watertight seal, to deliver hours of optimally regulated swimmer heat. The packs can be tailored to any size (and so time) or shape. HEATS packs are extremely energy dense: 11kWh/L; 4.2kWh/kg – more than 15-times the energy of a primary lithium-ion battery.
Andre Forkert

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