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19 May 2015

Boeing and Saab Test Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb

Boeing and Saab, earlier this year, have recently tested Boeing’s Small Diameter Bomb I (SDB I), originally developed for use by aircraft, for launch from the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). The testing of the Ground Launched SDB (GLSDB), integrating the SDB I and M26 rocket motor technologies (provided by Nammo) for the MLRS, showed that the bomb can withstand a rocket artillery launch without its performance being compromised.

According to Boeing, GLSDB combines two highly successful, combat-proven systems into an effective ground forces offensive capability, and said that the GLSDB allows the artillery system to reach targets from significantly longer distances, and engage hard-to-reach targets, while maintaining the SDB’s flight maneuverability and accuracy. Under a teaming agreement signed in 2014, Boeing and Saab will offer GLSDB to current and future rocket artillery users.

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