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05 May 2015

AUVSI 2015: Persistent Systems Launches WAVE RELAY 5

At AUVSI 2015, Persistent Systems, a revolutionary technology company that specialises in mission critical wireless communications, unveils a completely new generation of MANET radio systemsat booth #1601. Globally known in the industry as a leader in secure Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) with its patented WAVE RELAY technology, the company introduces a game-changing new solution: WAVE RELAY 5 serves as the world’s most advanced, most scalable, most efficient (MANET) radio platform, according to the company, and is expected to be released to market in June 2015.

We are excited to release a completely new generation of MANET radio systems," explains Wesley Mitchell, Business Development Manager. "By integrating more features, bandwidth, and customisable Android app space into one device, WAVE RELAY 5 will deliver enhanced situational awareness through video, voice, sensors and data to our users. This launch represents the beginning of a new chapter of communication all centered around the user experience while reducing the device’s size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) profile on all unmanned platforms.

WAVE RELAY 5 transforms communications for unmanned vehicles. WAVE RELAY 5’s Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology increases range, reliability, and bandwidth of the system.  This enables the simultaneous transmission of multiple high definition (HD) video feeds, vital command and control information, and other sensor and voice data. WAVE RELAY 5 has proven to handle high multi-path environments so well that it significantly increases the ranges of unmanned ground vehicles in both line-of-site (LOS) and non-line-of-site (NLOS) environments. WAVE RELAY 5 devices are also full FIPS 140-2 Android computers capable of running unmanned system control, sensor processing, and custom, user-developed apps. Onboard HD video encoding and decoding eliminate extraneous video equipment. The advanced audio architecture enables WAVE RELAY 5 to relay voice communication throughout the IP network and integrate with existing push-to-talk nets. By combining all of these capabilities into one device, Persistent Systems has created a truly revolutionary platform for unmanned systems.  Persistent Systems is adding this new platform to the WAVE RELAY family and will continue to produce and support world leading Man Portable Units and Quad Radio Routers.

Headquartered in New York City since 2007, Persistent Systems is a global communications technology company that develops, manufactures and integrates a patented and secure Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system: WAVE RELAY.  The company’s R&D team has designed wireless networking protocols to support their cutting edge WAVE RELAY system and technology.  WAVE RELAY is capable of running data, video, voice and other applications under the most difficult and unpredictable conditions.  Their suite of products is field proven and utilised in Commercial, Military, Government, Industrial, Agriculture, Mining, Oil and Gas, Robotics, and Unmanned System markets. 

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