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04 May 2015

AUVSI 2015: Exelis Wide Range of Solutions for all Types of Unmanned Missions

At AUVSI 2015 on booth #2449, Exelis is exhibiting wide area remote-sensing, multifunctional/adaptive electronic warfare systems, UAS integration solution into national/FAA airspace, aerial data/analytics software and UAV ejection carriage and release systems (small/light weight).

CorvusEye 1500 airborne sensor system monitors a city-sized area. It captures high-resolution, colour and infrared (IR) motion imagery to provide surveillance day and night. Additionally, it can generate views of 10 areas of interest at the same time and set “watch boxes” on the areas so analysts are alerted if the status quo changes. Not only does this capability ensure better situational awareness but it also reduces bandwidth requirements and the need for extensive manpower to analyze large amounts of data.

Exelis recently debuted the DISRUPTOR SRx multifunctional electronic warfare (EW) solution, a smart response system that offers the ability to perform multiple functions critical to EW missions—electronic attack, protection, support measures, electronic intelligence and communications jamming abilities—all in one system. The DISRUPTOR SRx provides greater situational awareness for soldiers operating in a sophisticated and constantly evolving EW environment and is efficient through a lowered size, weight and power-enabling faster mission turnaround time. This solution can meet complex missions for a variety of platforms—whether air, sea, land or unmanned systems.

Also exhibited is the SYMPHONY RangeVue airspace situational awareness solution for safely integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into US national airspace systems. The systems can be used as command centre decision support and post-event analysis tool or in the field as a sense-and-avoid addition to UAS ground control stations. The system provides significant improvements to the safety and efficiency of UAS operations, whether on the test range or in the field.

Furthermore, Exelis Visual Information Solutions (VIS) and DataMapper have teamed up to provide users of DataMapper's aerial data software with seamless access to ENVI analytics for their UAS data; and Exelis provides small and light weight carriage, release and interfacing systems that are designed for use on several types of UAV platforms. These systems enable both fixed wing and rotary UAVs to deliver a wide range of payloads for all types of missions both military and civilian. These include single and multiple store payloads that range in weight from 5-1,450 pounds. Exelis offers a wide range of release and ejection technology, including electromagnetic, hot gas (pyrotechnic) and cold gas pneumatic powered systems. Exelis is now focused to meet the considerable challenges, which lay ahead to integrate the emerging “small/ MMI/micro” weapons into various platforms including UAV differing types.

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