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21 May 2015

Swiss military budget to be CHF6 billion by 2020

According to news sources, Switzerland will buy 1,900 DUROs, 500 model 90 rifles, six HERMES 900 UAS, 879 light vehicles, and will procure RUAG COBRA mortar systems in proposed double digits. By 2020, CHF6 billion Swiss military budget will be available, money that has not been used in the GRIPEN referendum that led to Switzerland not opting the GRIPEN. Furthermore, the country will spend CHR560 million for F-18 upgrades.

Boeing is committed to performance excellence on the Swiss HORNET U25 programme, and is also committed to Life Cycle Planning with the industry team in Switzerland and Finland (RUAG, Patria, Insta, and Boeing) to complete a support programme that encompasses structural upgrades, mission systems upgrades, software updates, and logistics support throughout the life of the HORNET fleets in Switzerland and Finland, until 2030 and beyond.

Upgrade 25 capabilities include digital-radar warning system, cockpit displays, an upgraded digital recorder, an advanced targeting infrared pod, an upgraded GPS, and armament computer memory upgrade. To date 23 F-18 HORNETs  have received the upgrades, with a total of 32 F-18 HORNETs receiving the upgrades by the close of 2015. The first flight of an upgraded Swiss F/A-18 HORNET outfitted with new technologies and innovations was in 2011. Boeing is working with the US Navy and Swiss to define a future upgrade programme.

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