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19 May 2015

CRVS - Boeing's Effective Virtual Training Simulator

Yesterday, Boeing showcased its Constant Resolution Visual System (CRVS), the company's visual display, delivering an high-resolution immersive environment for training systems and for general visualisation applications, to a group of journalists in St. Louis, MO/USA.

CRVS provides constant target visibility throughout the entire field of vision by surrounding the pilot and cockpit in an eggshell-like environment that visually transforms into cities, landscapes and complex combat scenarios. JVC e-Shift 8K projectors further enhance the training experience and enable pilots to identify targets at real-world ranges.(Photos: Boeing)

According to Tom Conard, Director of Boeing Training Systems and Government Systems, CRVS makes virtual training missions and other simulations more detailed and effective, as it offers the same high resolution throughout the entire viewing area, providing an uninterrupted field of view and unvarying target acuity. The CRVS design also only uses 6+2 projectors (in the case of fixed wing training; for the APACHE trainers it is 6+1), allowing for lower acquisition and support costs. Its High Definition (HD) projector format is compatible with a variety of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) projectors and a wide array of image generators. CRVS is scalable, easily upgradeable and flexible.

Boeing has been developing the CRVS as a company-funded project for several years. Its applications include fast-jet, rotorcraft and ground-based training (current configurations include F-15, F-22, M-346, APACHE, and BAE HAWK), as well as visualisations for presentations, virtual prototyping and analysis. CRVS in its fixed wing configuration has been contracted to 78 domestic and international customers, with 70 fielded; while the APACHE Full Mission System, with a five axis full motion seat, has being sold 30+ times, with customers that include the US Army, Japan, and Singapore.

The systems on display used JVC's e-Shift 8K projection technology, bringing CRVS' visual acuity closer to 20/20, while keeping the system’s projector small and affordable. It nearly doubles a projector’s resolution horizontally and vertically, approaching 8K performance from a 4K device. The F-15 simulator incorporated Diamond Visionics' image generator, while the APACHE trainer ran on Rockwell Collins' EP8000

Earlier this year, Boeing selected Diamond Visionics' Imagen Powered by GenesisIG to support the AH-64E APACHE Engineering Development Simulator (EDS). Diamond Visionics collaborated with NVIDIA, a world leader in visual computing, and partnered with Concurrent Computer Corporation’s real-time Linux solutions business, to produce ImaGen Powered by GenesisIG, a powerful 4-channel IG in a single, 4U enclosure.

CRVS is compatible with a wide range of fast jet and rotary-wing cockpits and aviator night vision goggles, and easily integrates with current and future head-mounted displays.

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