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06 May 2015

IDEF 2015: Roketsan Details New Products

Roketsan recently developed Out-Of-Area Camp Modular Protection Systems that provide modular, portable and easily mountable ballistic protection against various threats for military camps. In the scope of different programmes, various camp areas have been utilised with Roketsan Moduler Protection Systems, which consist sof three main products, which are RZB–20 Roketsan Armour Block, RZB–7 Roketsan Cage Armour, and RZP–10 Roketsan Fragment Shield.

Roketsan's new Generation Laser Guided KIT TEBER is a new generation INS and GPS aided Laser Guided Kit (LGK) that is compatible with Mk-81(250lb) and Mk-82(500lb) general purpose bombs. The TEBER system is designed with different versions to increase the probability of hit, and also effectivity against moving targets. The Turkish Armed Forces and Gulf countries are interested in this Project. TEBER consists of a semi-active laser seeker (SAL), a (body) strake kit that are located front section. Tail section has aerodynamic control surfaces, inertial guidance system combined with  GPS/GNSS receiver, guidance computer, control actuation system and thermal battery.

The Armor System for the ALTAY tank was designed, developed and qualified in July 2013 through the skills acquired in Roketsan, who is performing studies to fulfill its duties to be assigned as a subcontractor of an armour system in scope of the ALTAY Tank Serial Production Contract being planned to be signed in 2015.

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