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06 May 2015

IDEF 2015: Modular Logistics Solutions Developed in Partnership for Turkey

Logistics are at the heart of successful military operations no more so than in today’s modern conflict zones.  In Turkey this is just as much an issue as it plays its role within NATO and has to handle the threats on its southern border. The two main commodities for transportation are fuel and water, without these an army does not function.  For many years this has been done by dedicated road tankers, which are vulnerable to attack and limit a commander’s options.  There is now a flexible solution which is being adopted across NATO and beyond.  This is based on modular tank containers using a hook-arm or DROPS/PLS load carrying system, which not only allows loads to be carried on a range of vehicles but also frees the vehicles up from being for just one load class.

A forward aircraft refuelling system from WEW, consisting of the pump unit on the right and the fuel tanks to the left. (Photo: WEW)

A leader in these modular “Drop & Go” fuel and water systems is WEW.  The company has provided over 2,000 solutions to 13 nations across NATO and beyond.  These have been developed to be fully integrated and easily transported and include complete refuelling for not only people and ground vehicles but also for rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

WEW’s range of systems stretch from small 500l units able to be carried on a Light Protected Patrol Vehicle through 10-13,000l DROPS solutions, as well as base storage and dispensing units of over 60,000l.  The fuel systems can be fitted with a variety of pumping and filtration units depending on the fuel type.  The water systems can have chlorination, reverse osmosis, filtration, heating/cooling and pumps, in both cases these add-ons make the units truly stand-alone.

In Turkey, as in many other places, partnership is a very important route to market and choosing the right partner is a critical step on the order capture road.  WEW is partnering with Nurol Holdings and is exhibiting with its subsidiary Nurol Makina during IDEF 2015. Why this partnership?  One side is bringing expertise in modular fuel and water systems whilst the other is bringing not just expertise in the Turkish market but also a very strong understanding of the vehicles used to transport these modular systems.

Working together the two companies have identified several refuelling opportunities not only in Turkey but also the wider West Asian region.  These opportunities will capitalise on the joint skills of vehicle engineering and modular loads to meet the growing demands of interoperable logistic support for defence forces around the region.

A WEW DROPS Fuel Module about to be unloaded and provide fuel in a harsh environment.

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