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05 May 2015

AUVSI 2015: Alpha Unmanned Systems

Alpha Unmanned Systems is a privately owned company that specialises in manufacturing and distributing the SNIPER Helicopter Platform. Founded in early 2014, Alpha Unmanned Systems is a spinoff of UAV Navigation.

A global leader in the development of autopilots for unmanned aircraft; UAV Navigation is the developer of the Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and flight control algorithms. UAV Navigation distributes its autopilot technology to UAV manufacturers and UAV service companies worldwide. While presently focused on software development, UAV Navigation previously developed the SNIPER Helicopter Platform in-house. The SNIPER Helicopter platform is based on seven years of extensive research, trial and development. Alpha Unmanned Systems is the exclusive global licensee of the SNIPER Helicopter Platform and works closely with the team of UAV Navigation.

Turnkey ready to fly solution that consists of two SNIPER helicopters with gimbal stabilized day and night vision cameras, one Ground Control Station (GCS) and  Ground Support Equipment (GSE), plus a spare parts kit and operator training. (Photos: Alpha Unmanned Systems)

The SNIPER Helicopter Platform affords tremendous versatility to the UAV market worldwide at an accessible price point. With two hours of autonomous flight time and a payload of 2kg, the SNIPER is used most frequently to fly day and night cameras for surveillance purposes. Increasingly in the Mid-East and in Europe, the SNIPER is used to fly multi-spectral cameras for agricultural use. It is even being fitted to distribute targeted pesticides and herbicides “straight to the root” of crops. Growing interest exists in UAVs and in their use for electric transmission line inspection, building inspection, urban planning, agriculture, security, mining and other industries. Alpha is ready and able to assist partners worldwide with a worldclass product that has proven reliability.

Alpha Unmanned Systems SNIPER Helicopter Platform

Based in Madrid, Spain, Alpha Unmanned Systems is comprised of an international team of aeronautic and business professionals. Lead by Eric Freeman, a senior business executive with significant international sales experience and by Alvaro Escarpenter, COO, a trained aeronautics engineer, Alpha is well positioned for significant growth. Alpha distributes its products directly to end-user customers and indirectly through a growing network of UAV service providers. 

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