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19 May 2015

SOFIC 2015: Vectronix' new lightweight multifunctional sensor for day and night

The MOSKITO TI is the newest multifunctional solution from Vectronix and Sagem and maybe one of the hottest items at IWA. It incorporates eight essential functions in one lightweight device: wide field-of-view (6.25°) thermal imager for detection, LLCMOS camera for 100% positive identification (6x magnification) by day and night, low-divergence fiber laser rangefinder (10-10,000 m) for best performance in harsh environmental conditions, direct view optics for maximum DRI performance, digital magnetic compass, inclinometer, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and an internal, optional eyesafe laser pointer for target handover.

Vectronix MOSKITO TI multifunctional sensor. (Photo: Vectronix)

MOSKITO TI combines all essential day and night viewing, measuring, and geo-location functions into one compact and user friendly device. Its outstanding digital and video processing capabilities for observation and reconnaissance missions, the optimized power concept, and the intuitive and unobtrusive HMI are additional advantages. The presence of standard interfaces (RS-232/USB/Ethernet/USB) and protocols also provides perfect connectivity and therefore easy integration into higher-level systems. The weight (>1.3 kg) is incredible for such a multifunctional device. Four CR123 batteries will run the system for >6 hours. An East-European Army is the first customer, deliveries starts in April.

Vectronix MOSKITO TI multifunctional sensor. (Photo: Vectronix)
Andre Forkert

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