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20 May 2015

SOFIC 2015: GLOCK Presents Modular Optic System

GLOCK engineers have developed the Modular Optic System (MOS) to simplify mounting of popular optical sights without costly machining of the pistol’s slide. With the MOS the shooter can mount the sight of their choice easily and quickly with just a few tools. The MOS will come with four adapter plates to accommodate most popular optic models, Torx wrench and screws and a cover plate for use without optic. The MOS is available in these pistol models: G34 Gen4, G35 Gen 4, G41 Gen4 and G40 Gen4.

There are 4 numbered GLOCK MOS Adapter Plates available for Optical Sights of following manufacturers: Adapter Docter, Meopta, Insight (01); Adapter Trijicon (02); Adapter C-More (03) and Adapter Leupold (04).

The MOS Adapter-Set includes a Torx Screwdriver (TX10) and four Torx screws to install the GLOCK MOS Adapter Plates. All screws come with a drop of glue applied.
Andre Forkert

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