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19 May 2015

SOFIC 2015 - Developments in Weapons Programmes

Orbital ATK is displaying several products and technology projects at SOFIC. One is its precision guidance kit PGK). The technology has been proven across artillery and mortar munitions. Most recently, the M1156 155 mm precision guidance kit for artillery passed lot acceptance testing. A total of 42 PGKs were fired from the M109A6 PALADIN. Forty-one out of 42 units performed reliably, demonstrating a point estimate reliability of 97%. All that has to be done is change the ordinary fuze of the artillery or mortar round with the PGK.
Also on display is Orbital ATK’s HATCHET, a miniature precision strike weapon for multiple airborne platforms. The approximately three kilogram weapon has proven its Lethality. The Enhanced Ordnance warhead is four to six times as lethal when compared to weapons of similar size. The ATK HATCHET weights less than 3 kg, and still retains precision guidance with a semi-active laser.
The company also provided a glimpse of its work in developing command guidance for small and medium ammunition. Concepts shown were 20 mm and .50 caliber. Orbital ATK is partnering with DARPA and industry to develop a precision .50 caliber sniper capability.

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