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26 February 2015

BAE Systems Illustrates Growing Cooperation in the Middle East

BAE Systems used this year’s International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) to illustrate growing cooperation in the Middle East.

Company executives explained to Military Technology how its M777 Howitzer artillery system was on display with Emirates Defense Technology’s (EDT’s) Enigma infantry fighting personnel carrier. BAE Systems said it was working up plans with EDT to supply the towable Howitzer with armed forces in the Middle East.

EDT’s Enigma 8x8 vehicle was unveiled at the event this week with company officials explaining how the UAE was its prime focus although it was considering requirements from other armies in the region. It is expected that UAE armed forces will begin testing the prototype later this year
With a gross vehicle weight of 28 tons, CAT 710 HP engine and 25.4HP per ton, the Enigma is perfectly positioned to tow BAE Systems’ M777 weapon system.

Elsewhere, BAE Systems informed Military Technology it was working up plans with the US Government to supply Jordan with its Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) munition via the Foreign Military Sales programme.

It is understood that the Jordanian Air Force is considering arming its CASA 235 and certain other rotary wing platforms with the weapon system although company sources said it was in discussion with several other countries in the Middle East.

APKWS is a laser guided missile compatible with legacy Hydra 70 unguided rocket launchers with the munition measuring 70mm. Utilising a semi-active laser (SAL) for targeting, the 2.75-inch APKWS was the focus of an agreement between the US Navy and Jordanian Air Force in April 2014, with deliveries expected to begin in 2016.

Finally, BAE Systems highlighted its airborne countermeasure solutions with company officials describing how such capabilities would prove significant to the UAE’s Air Force which operates AH-64 Apache attack helicopters and UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters.

One official explained to Military Technology: “The UAE is looking for an IR countermeasure solution.”

BAE Systems’ solution comprises the AN/ALQ-212 Advanced Threat IR Countermeasure (ATICM) and AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) which are capable of detecting a missile, rejecting false alarms and cueing onboard IR jamming systems.

“When the jam head finds the missile with its IR tracking system, it emits a high-energy infrared beam to defeat the missile’s infrared seeker,” a company spokesman said.

BAE Systems informed Military Technology that it was expecting clearance to export the solution to the international market within the next two months.

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